Facebook Marketing Tips You Can Use This Holiday Season

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By Dzhingarov

With the holiday season already in full effect, businesses work hard to increase awareness and generate more sales. It is normal to try to use Facebook since literally the majority of potential clients have profiles on the network. However, doing the right things on the social network is very important. This is why you want to take the following Facebook marketing tips into account and increase holiday season results.

Content Calendar

You need a content calendar in Facebook marketing. In the holiday season it has to include all the main dates like Cyber Monday, Christmas, Small Business Saturday and Chanukah. This can easily be done inside a spreadsheet or with the use of a professional project management tool.

Never make the mistake of sticking only to the traditional holidays. Every single day can be an opportunity to make a sale during this season. Try to post early so you show the business is interested in all the holidays.

Always Use Strong Visual Elements In Created Content

Facebook is a highly visual platform so you want to be sure that you use content that grabs attention. You can use animated GIFs, videos and high quality images. A big mistake in Facebook marketing is using general visuals. What you want to do is brand used images and always use those of the highest possible quality.

At the same time, it is a really good idea to use your own images. If you have a little extra budget, hire a professional photographer or video editor to give your content the edge. Only high quality content gets the attention of the viewer in social media.

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Share Brand Story

It is the end of the year, a perfect time to let fans know more about the business, together with those behind it. You can show the story behind the actual brand or highlight some people in the organization. Interviews, videos and images work really well. The idea is to showcase that the business is human and cares about clients. The more you make the business look human and warm, the higher the possibility of getting people interested about your services and products!

Build Emotional Connections

Facebook added reactions to the well-known Like button because people wanted to express more emotions as they interact with content. The business content that you create will compete with posts coming from user family members and friends.

Engaging with your audience is easily done when you create content that is of human-interest, emotional and highly relatable. Try to evoke sentiment or at least make people laugh. Emotional video series are hard to build but you can still work with what you got to create some sort of engagement.

Facebook Live Virtual Events

You want to be able to take advantage of everything Facebook offers, including Live videos. The popularity of this feature is constantly growing and business users can use them in order to showcase a virtual event and what happens there. Examples of what can be shown include customer appreciation parties, conferences, office parties and even Q&A sessions with the CEO.

As an extra tip, during the Facebook Live event you can easily perform some random giveaways, offer prizes or play games. Discounts for those people that watch always work great.

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Don’t Forget About Mobile Audiences

The number of people that use mobile devices in order to access social networks is growing. Because of this, you want to be sure that all the content you add to your Facebook posts can be properly seen on mobile gadgets. If you buy ads, remember that the units that perform best on mobile devices are slideshow, video, canvas and carousel. Do be sure that users land on pages that are also properly optimized for mobile users.

Final Thoughts

Facebook marketing is all about creating a connection with the audience. No matter what you do, be sure that this is your main priority. That is how you are going to get the best possible results this holiday season.