Funny Business Ideas That Were Really Successful

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By Dzhingarov

Next time you have a business idea and you think that it is too funny or weird to work, read the list that we assembled for you and you will want to actually try it out. In many situations some ideas that are crazy or simply unusual become huge success. This is because of the fact that people are intrigued or simply because you wow potential clients. Let us now just go through some ideas that made us laugh so that you can be amused by these really funny business ideas.

Don’t treat them lightly though. They made millions of dollars in profits.


Vocation Vacations

The idea behind this option is quite interesting. The service is designed for people that are not really happy at the job that they have right now. You basically end up going on a vacation in which you work and you make the transition to the next job in an easier way. The principle is quite interesting and although a working vacation is not what we would consider ideal, it is a great way to simply change career paths. One package for such a vacation is expensive. That is why the owners made a whole lot of profit with it.

lucky break wishbone

Lucky Wishbone Company

There is this fascination that people have for wishbones, especially close to Thanksgiving. However, nobody thought that they could make 4 million dollars in sales until the launch of this business. The company sells plastic wishbones and the money made is huge.


Citi Kitty

Well, cat owners do have a problem. They find it tough to teach toilet training. Citi Kitty is all about that. It will help pet owners to deal with the stinky litters by teaching the cat to go to the toilet. With revenues of over $1 million per year, this funny business idea turned out to be gold.

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ashley madison

Ashley Madison Website

There are hundreds of dating websites out there. All have some sort of hook and it is the hook of the Ashley Madison website that was so special it turned into profits of over 20 million dollars. Once again, the principle is simple. This site is designed for people that are currently in relationships but want to have an affair. Cheating basically became mainstream and one of the funniest business ideas that probably started out as a gag transformed into a multi-million dollar operation.

million dollar home page

The Million Dollar Homepage

Out of the different funny business ideas that we mention in this article, this is the one that you most likely heard about. Alex Tew launched it in 2005. He built a grid of 1000 by 1000 pixels. Each pixel cost $1 to rent out. In just a few months the site sold over 1 million dollars worth of pixels. It is something that was simple and easily helped the owner to become a millionaire.

Even if you have funny business ideas, you can end up making millions. This is the beauty of the internet. Just make sure that you put your soul in it and if you manage to wow some people, you will be successful.