Here’s What You Absolutely Need To Know About Employment Law

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By Dzhingarov

Running a company or working for a company (even if you are just hired on a per contract job) automatically means that you need to know as much as possible about employment law. Every single year there are employment law reports that appear but most business managers leave their attorneys to deal with that. It is not something that you should do blindly. You have to be aware of at least some basics.

There Are Many Laws You Need To Know

Employment law does not refer to 1 law. This is what many believe. In reality, we are referring to a truly complete system that was created with the purpose of protecting an employee from the employers that are dishonest. There are thus various treatment standards and laws that were developed and that have to be respected by all employers. This does include benefits like health care and rules that protect from discrimination in a working environment.

Human Rights Protection

Nowadays, employment law is vital in the judiciary system. This is because it protects people and basic human rights while working. Besides this, many extra essential topics would be covered. Employment law is sometimes referred to as “Labor Law” because it includes employee and employer rights and obligations. In most situations that will be voiced with the use of a contract signed by the 2 parties.

Most people believe that employment law is designed to solely protect employees but this is not the case. The laws are also designed to protect the employers. As an example, if an accident happens while working, the employer will not be liable if the employee was breaking the law in the process.

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Defining Standards

One of the important positives associated with employment law is setting standards employers will need to meet. For instance, it is the employer’s obligation to create a working environment that is safe and healthy. Also, there are some parts of the law that protect the employee from having an employer to take advantage of him. Employment law currently covers 2 protection laws:

  • Collective labor laws – set up between employers and workers unions.
  • Individual labor laws – those required by the federal or state government, like minimum wage, work safety and working hours.

100% Employee Protection

We live in the 21st century. Some decades ago there was a huge problem in having employers take advantage of employees in ways that were often inhuman. Things changed and we did reach a higher civilization level but this does not actually mean that there are not employers that will still want to take advantage of employees. Employment law and attorneys specialized in employment law are always necessary for guaranteeing 100% employee protection.


On the whole, employment law is meant to protect. All the rules that are set up will be modified whenever necessary. We are often faced with the situation in which employment law changes and the employer is not aware of this. Such a thing is completely inaccessible if you do not follow law modifications or you do not have a lawyer hired.