How to Attract Customers to Your Subdivision

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By Dzhingarov

Whether you are a realtor, an investor, or an owner, there are a lot of reasons why you may want to attract potential homeowners or renters to your subdivision. Subdivisions can be a lucrative investment opportunity.

For many people, they are a practical and attractive living option. However, subdivisions offer some substantial challenges in advertising.

Challenges in Advertising Subdivisions

Subdivisions offer reasonable prices and typically eliminate some of the issues with traffic and maintenance that can be expected from traditional neighborhoods.

Subdivisions can provide a sense of community that many people find reminiscent of more historical small-town living than is typical in modern times. However, despite how attractive they are to homeowners and how many people choose to live in subdivisions, they present some serious challenges for advertising:

  • By definition, subdivisions are set away from main roads and thoroughfares, which makes it hard for people to see them and want to live in them.
  • Subdivisions contain community landscape areas that can be challenging to keep well-maintained.
  • There is often a negative stereotype about subdivisions.

How to Overcome Subdivision Advertising Challenges

Great Signs

The majority of the subdivision that you’re trying to advertise will not be visible to potential customers driving down the road. After all, that’s part of the point: you’re advertising living in a place where kids and pets can play in the street without having to worry about fast traffic.

The one part of your subdivision that is likely visible to motorists that happen to be going by is the sign. Having a good sign can make a big difference in your advertising success. Choosing high-quality subdivision signs advertises your community as being somewhere that people will want to live.

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A great sign tells potential residents that this is a community that takes pride in the impression that they make, implying that they also take pride in the community itself. A great sign is an area too-frequently overlooked in marketing a subdivision.

Market Community Intelligently

What many people want when they buy into a subdivision is a sense of community, such as what they might imagine from a small town. This is not an easy element to provide in reality or to market.

You may find that some of the best techniques are some of the simplest and most affordable. Here are a few ways to market a sense of strong community:

  1. Create grassy general areas. Devote grassy areas, ideally with mature trees, where members of the community can have picnics, set out hammocks, play Frisbee. etc. Ideally, you will put these spaces where they will be visible from the road to aid in advertising.
  2. That’s not weeds, it’s a butterfly garden. Keeping every inch of a subdivision polished and manicured can be exhausting work. As often as not, at least a few areas are left by the wayside. The right kind of marketing can change these spots from eyesores to advertising opportunities. Replace overgrown grass with wildflowers and set out signs advertising butterfly gardens to turn a challenging plot into an advertising asset.

Make the Most of Your Subdivision

Subdivisions get a bad rap all too often, but more and more people are choosing to live in subdivisions for good reasons. By advertising the best aspects of your subdivision and minimizing missed opportunities, you may find that you can have surprising success, even with a relatively low budget.

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