The Importance of Usability Testing On A New Or Upgraded Ecommerce Website

The Importance of Usability Testing On A New Or Upgraded Ecommerce Website

Having a usability test is the best way to receive direct input from the users of your ecommerce website. When you upgrade your site, it is important to learn how real users use it in order to make adjustments and to become better than your competitors. When you launch a new ecommerce site it is better to know from the very beginning the preferences of your target audience.

Minor details are important and they can make a huge difference for the users of your ecommerce website. It is important to have users that convert but it is more important to make those users come back and become loyal to your brand. Fixing any potential problems that your upgraded ecommerce website might have means keeping your conversion rates high and keeping your customers happy. The best way to learn what your users want is running usability tests and listening to your customers’ feedback. You can increase your revenues if you adjust your website according to the usability test results.

Usability Testing For Your Checkout Process

The most important thing you should test is your checkout process. Usability testing for checkout process can lower the shopping cart abandonment rate and can increase your sales. There are numerous reasons people abandon their shopping cart and most of them can be fixed after running usability testing so don’t miss our on this opportuniy. The most common reasons for shopping cart abandonment are:

  • Unexpected costs
  • Crashed website
  • Complicated navigation through the checkout process
  • Concerns about payment security
  • Long checkout process
  • Foreign currency used for price
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Make sure you include the reasons above in the questions you will ask your clients during usability testing.

Usability Testing For Product Descriptions

Since people who shop online cannot have a first-hand experience before purchasing a product, you have to make sure the product’s description include all the information a potential client needs before making a purchase. A great copy will make the difference however, you also have to pay attention to the images and videos you use to promote your products. Ecommerce websites that sell clothing items have  to pay attention to their sizes and add size charts for those who want to make sure that the clothing article they want to purchase will fit. While running usability testing for product descriptions make sure  you find out if your customers have enough information about a product, if they like the pictures used for representing the product and if they need something added or removed from the page.

Usability Testing For Important Information

People who shop online are not only  going through your products list but they also look for other important information, such as shipping policy, FAQ page, return or exchange policy and contact information. Make sure the pages that provide the information are in your store navigation and hot in the hidden layers of the navigation menu.

If your return or exchange policy is clear, customers will be more willing to buy from your new or upgraded ecommerce site. On the other hand, if customers don’t know if they could return a product or not, they might abandon their shopping cart and look for a store that has the information more handy.

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Consumers want to know when to expect their products so make sure you have a good shipping policy in place. Your contact information should also be available. Customers feel more comfortable purchasing from a website that provides this information to them.

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