Simple Hotel Marketing Ideas To Help You Increase Occupation Rates

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By Dzhingarov

It does not matter if you market your hotel for businesses or for tourists. The approach is quite similar, with an increased focus put on the business amenities when referring to marketing for businessmen. Besides this, the tips that are mentioned below always help you to increase occupancy rate.

Always Know Your Appeal

While you would normally welcome all guests, when you analyze your stats, you will notice that there are some demographics of people that often choose to book your rooms and facilities. For instance, let us think about hotels in Dubai. This is a great location for business hotels but you will notice that just some of them are often considered by specific demographics of people like individuals from a specific country or from a specific industry. Learn about the occupants demographics so that you know how to improve the services offered.

Use Virtual Tours

It does not matter what demographics are covered by your occupants since the most important thing for most is how the hotel room is going to look like. Most hotels out there do not have pictures with the rooms. This hurts the overall marketing plan. A virtual tour is always a lot better and showcases the room properly. It is a hefty investment but one that can drastically increase occupancy rate. If you do not have the budget for this, at least use multiple high quality photographs.

Look For What Sets You Apart And Focus On It

In marketing you learn early in the career that you have to focus on what makes the business different when promoting it. The same thing happens when promoting a hotel. The main reason why negative reviews appear more often than positive reviews is that this is what stands out. People tend to talk about what stands out. This is also the case with the positive aspects of staying at hotels. If you market the hotel in a different way, the efforts stand out and you get good heat that you can push forward towards increased occupancy rates.

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Solve Problems For Occupants

Offering a great room is not the only thing that counts. During your initial analysis, you have to figure out what improvements can be made to offer even more. The hotel can meet various extra needs that occupants have without much effort. For instance, for many that travel, free internet access is a necessity that has to be met. Others want access to a proper business center. Making additions so that the hotel offers more of what interested occupants want can be influenced by the marketing department so do not use the excuse that someone else makes the decision.

Offer Transportation

When you are in town for business, you do not really want to worry about many things, including transportation. That is why the hotels that offer free transportation are preferred. This does not include just transportation to and from the airport. You can also offer free access to some city parts that are important for the demographics you identified as enjoying staying at the hotel.