Small Businesses Can Use These Pinterest Marketing Strategies

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By Adrian Cruce

Pinterest is, perhaps, the most overlooked of all social networks when thinking about business promotion. Pinterest marketing should be much more popular, especially in the industries where images are of high importance. There are so many businesses out there that are missing out on a world of opportunity simply because they dismiss this marketing option. At the same time, there are many that have no idea how to properly use Pinterest. If you are in any of these two scenarios, here are some ways in which you can use Pinterest for marketing the business with pretty good results.

Build A Trusted Relationship With Proper Pinners

You want to find people that already look for your services/products or industry. Analyze the various companies that are in your industry and then see what coverage they have. It is a good idea to see what content from your domain is already shared so you can find such potential business partners. Targeted search is available in Pinterest and you can use it. Pinterest Analytics will also offer good information in your Audience section after some profile traffic appears.

If you build really good relationships with the influencer planners your reach is going to exponentially grow. However, remember that not everyone you target will be a perfect audience. Simply because someone has many followers does not mean that those followers are a good fit for your business.

Create Content For The Audience

The content that you add to your Pinterest account has to be of high interest to the audience you have in mind. Pinterest content will last a long time so you need to be sure the quality is always as high as it needs to be. If your Pinterest boards become a great informational hub for your audience, your marketing campaigns will be much more successful. However, in order to do this you will need to know what people look for. Some tips to consider for that:

  • Analyze domain trending pipns.
  • Use Pinterest Analytics to check the activity of the domain and to explore audience interests.
  • Analyze clicks to see what pictures bring in traffic.
  • See what the top images are in your domain.
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Create A Pinterest Based Reliable Traffic Stream

The Smart feed is not that great for giving you information about marketing a business on Pinterest. You want to focus on creating really high quality pins at all times. Getting a great feed and being able to use it is difficult but not impossible. What you want to do is to pin about those categories that are seen as relevant by Pinterest. Timing has to be taken into account and generally speaking, you will want to pin more in order to be seen more. See what is driving traffic and replicate. Generally, pinnable images should be created for every single site post that is published.

Cross Promotion

The larger social media websites like Twitter and Facebook have the advantages of better targeting and a larger user base. Cross promotion should be a priority through such channels. That will boost your Pinterest marketing efforts in so many different ways, like:

  • Leveraging the current audience you have somewhere else to increase Pinterest reach.
  • Using Post Planners in order to pin straight from Instagram.
  • Testing advertising on the various platforms available in order to see exactly what works best for your business.


Pinterest marketing can be really great for businesses, especially those operating in media rich industries like fashion or cooking. The bottom line is to be sure that you discover where the best target audience is and try to get in touch. Pinterest is a channel you want to take into account with really good traffic that can come in.

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