Boost Brand Awareness With Corporate Gifts

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By Adrian Cruce

Modern business revolves around branding so all companies work hard to boost their brand awareness. This is a necessity in order to create an impression that is highly favorable among customers while motivating them to make a purchase.

Increasing brand awareness is done in so many different ways. Everything starts with offering a really good service or product and then other steps are done like buying advertising and increasing social media presence. We also have shop product placement that is popular right now but what has been used ever since the start as the use of promotional materials in order to get the brand name out in the open.

Why Promotional Materials?

The simple reason is that promotional products actually work in advertising a brand, offering a really good ROI. That happens as it is possible to engage the potential customers at many different levels, covering a response stretching over numerous senses. At the same time, we are talking about a gift that is offered to people. Everyone loves something that they return for free. As the consumer receives the gift he/she will eventually recall brands presented so awareness is automatically increased.

When To Use Promotional Materials

One of the huge advantages associated with promotional materials is that they can be about absolutely anything that the business wants. With endless possibilities it is obvious that finding something that would fit the budget of the company is very easy. However, it does not mean that you want to use promotional materials all throughout the year.

While there are not many limits associated to when to use promotional materials, the two situations in which this is a really good idea are:

  • When you want to increase brand awareness – promotional products are basically used as a part of a branding campaign.
  • When you want to promote sales of a specific service or product – in this case branding becomes a secondary thought but still one that would help on the long run.
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Statistics show that promotional materials will offer a fast response as close to 60% of receivers have an instant favorable increase in brand impression. That does increase the possibility of sales being made in the future.

Where To Use Promotional Products

There is this general belief that it does not really matter where the products are used since eventually the brand exposure gained will reach the intended target audience. That is not actually the case. In reality, you want to choose locations where the receivers will most likely be people that would become customers in the future. For instance, if your product is aimed for students, having the promotional products offered in areas that are mainly trafficked by seniors would have a deplorable return on investment made.


The most important things to remember are that promotional products help in increasing brand awareness, you want to use them with a clear purpose and offer them to as larger of the target audience part as you can. You do need to treat the promotional campaigns seriously and conduct a lot of research for the best possible results.