Using Slideshare In B2B Marketing

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By Adrian Cruce

The B2B marketer constantly looks for great ways to improve the generation of leads, profits and sales. There is no recipe that always works. With this in mind, you need to be opened for absolutely every single thing that can work in your case. This does include Slideshare, a platform that can help you to:

  • Ignite content marketing
  • Embrace social media
  • Measure the performance
  • Increase branding efforts

While most companies rely on the services of a printing company and regular B2B marketing options, some use new and innovative techniques as Slideshare in order to increase the possibility to get new business.

Slideshare Content Marketing

Whenever talking about content marketing, the truth is that Slideshare is a wonderful opportunity. We are faced with a completely all purpose tool that would extend way beyond Microsoft PowerPoint. Use it in order to address various sales cycle phases, target prospects and even tailor messages. The message that you have can be conveyed in HD video, infographics, PDF files, live streaming and audio formats.

Slideshare means that you can easily upload an entire research and white papers in their complete amount. Such a versatility improves messaging value and offers a really high quality content marketing channel that B2B businesses can use.

Slideshare Branding

Brand awareness can be built in an effective and quick manner when using Slideshare. Various sales-driven industries can be targeted, like the logistics industry. Planned events can be publicized, just as with trade shows and USPs. Promoting USPs on many platforms and media channels helps the business to distinguish itself consistently and frequently.

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It should be added that Slideshare offers the possibility to basically be present everywhere in order to make sure that prospects receive messages and that messages always stick. The modern business environment is overloaded with information. Slideshare helps you to stand out, which aids in branding campaigns.

Performance Measurements

Slideshare is not properly understood by many marketers. One thing that is not known is that performance can be measured when a campaign is created. You have analytics that can aid you to measure various key metrics like click through numbers, conversions, qualified leads and email opening. The platform allows you to figure out the campaign’s ROI in a much easier way than with others.

Modern Marketing Trends

In B2B marketing we all know that it is really difficult to make sales because of the fact that the audience is much more educated. Because of this, you can easily take advantage of a tool like Slideshare, one that takes advantage of the modern marketing trends that are used at the moment. There is a huge impact that is put on the results when you use video content and anything that can be attractive. We cannot neglect this.

On the whole, modern marketing is focused on something new as compared with what was common in the past. Slideshare is a tool that is perfect for B2B campaigns. Never forget about this option and remain focused on what you0 can do in order to improve success on the long run.