Promote Small Businesses With Local Bloggers

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By Dzhingarov

Small businesses need to work really hard to promote themselves. Competition is higher than it ever was and it is so easy to end up with the competition surpassing everything that you do. It is really important to consider various different promotion options in order to choose what works best in your case. One option that should be considered is working with the local bloggers. This has many interesting advantages that so many small business owners have to take into account.

Local Market Influence

The small businesses target smaller markets. This means that they focus on selling in a restricted geographic area. Every single area, no matter how small or big, has some bloggers that are influential. Taking advantage of influencers is important in business. It is actually even more important for a small business. Statistics show that 80% of people have at least one blogger that they trust when referring to recommendations for services or products. These people actually make purchases based on the recommendations or the reviews of a blogger.

Driving Substantial Sales Growth

Consumers are much more interested in buying online than they ever were. Over 60 percent of online visitors to popular brands say it is a much higher chance to be influenced by the local blogger than the magazine articles or the TV ads they see every day. The truth is that working with a local blogger will always be highly effective when looking at the long term. This does help a lot in building brand credibility, which in turns will automatically boost sales. Every single small business is interested in selling more. The local bloggers can increase this growth.

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Gaining Great SEO Results

Every single marketer out there is interested in all forms of PR with the main purpose of reaching wider audiences. When you work with the local bloggers in automatically improve your online presence thanks to the way in which SEO works. That is because you get an external link to your site that has a very high value, you get social media mentions, shares and posts and the content that appears is always going to be keyword rich. Local bloggers add a lot to the local SEO rankings. This means that people living in the target area will more likely see your business pages, thus increasing exposure and sales.

Getting Brand New Fresh Content

There are different ways in which you work with the local bloggers. They might write content for your small business website or they might write on theirs with a connection to your blog. In both cases there is brand new fresh content that appears. It is a great option for both parties. The existing audience sees that your products/services are endorsed by someone with high authority and more quality content appears for potential customers to see.


Local bloggers should be targeted by small businesses. They can help out much more than through what was mentioned above. Take advantage of their already established communities and reach a wider audience for all that you sell.