Recommended Social Networks Small Businesses Can Use

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By Adrian Cruce

Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter are great social networks for running marketing campaigns, however since the environment on these networks is very competitive, small businesses can use other lesser-known social networks to promote their products and to increase their sales.

Lesser-known social networks can make a small business reach new customers since these types of networks usually cater to specific niches. Exploring and testing these outlets to see the best marketing approach for them is a necessary step. If used correctly, these social networks can really make a difference in a small business’ marketing efforts.



If your small business sell clothes or home décor objects, Polyvore is a social network you should really try. The fashion community on Polyvore is very active and the platform is an efficient tool to increase the sales of an e-commerce. The same thing goes for the home décor community. This platform is used by people who are passionate about these two industries, by bloggers, influencers and other brands who want to promote their products and it is a great place for promoting your small business’ products but also to do discover people who can help you sell your products.

How Polyvore works: People who use Polyvore create sets with products they loved and are featured on the platform. People who are interested in fashion can create outfits using the clothing items and accessories listed on Polyvore. People interested in home design can create the design of a room in the same way.

How to use Polyvore: Besides creating sets with your products, you can pay users to feature your products in their sets or you can sponsor contests hosted by users in the groups they manage. And, of course, you can create ads to make your products more visible.

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If you are not convinced, you should probably know that according to Polyvore’s CEO the return on an ad is 6 to 1.



Tagboard is not your typical social network where you can share content and check the news feed. The platform allows users to search for hashtags used on various social media channels like Twitter, Facebook, Instagram and many more.

How Tagboard works: Users have the possibility to search for specific hashtags and to have access to the content found no matter on what social media it was shared. In this way users can connect with like-minded people who share the same interest in a specific topic.

How to use Tagboard: A small business can have many benefits if it chooses to use Tagboard. From monitoring the competition, to finding relevant conversations on an industry topic, to engage with users and creating tagboards that can be shared with a like-minded community, Tagboard is a great way to find content and to use it for marketing purposes. Another great tool for marketers is Tagboard Live, a functionality that can be used to display live events, to increase the digital audience and the engagement.



Wanelo is a shopping app curated by people and it is a great way for a small business to spread the word about its products. Users can buy products directly from the app and they can search products based on their preferences.

How Wanelo works: Users can share products, personalize their news feeds, see trends, follow stores, receive notifications from their favorite stores and make wish lists with their favorite products.

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How to use Wanelo: A small business can use Wanelo to promote and sell their products if they have a Shopify store. After the review, the app automatically imports all the products from the shop on the Wanelo store page. The brands that use this app, no matter their size, noticed an increase in sales, engagement and exposure.