Important Tips For The First Time Business Manager

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By Dzhingarov

Being a business manager for the first time is something that can be overwhelming. At the same time, there are many cases in which people end up being managers without actually being ready for this. It is very important that you stay true to yourself and that you understand what you are really good at and what you are bad at. You need to have a strategy and a vision. Everything that you do will have an effect on the business.

All this can seem difficult to deal with and the truth is that for the first timer it will be. If you want to be a truly successful business manager, you need to remember to keep learning and improving. With this in mind, here are some important tips that every single first time business manager should remember:

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Learn The Business You Are Involved In!

The temptation to start from zero is always high but you need to make sure that you know as much as possible about the business. You cannot risk everything by moving too fast. Your first months should be spent listening, learning and observing. Everything that you question should be written down. That helps you to figure out what is clutter and what is important. When you are a first time business manager, remain humble and focus on growing. Take only small steps in order to have employees that have continuity.

The Importance Of Objectives

It is important to set expectations and ground rules fast. Outline the short term vision and the long term vision of the entire department. See what is critical, why it is and how people inside the team can help reach an end result. Your goals have to be kept relatively short, achievable and unambiguous. Benchmarks and time lines are necessary in order for progress to be properly measured. Help your team understand that they are a team and that they need to work together so that they will profit from the labor that is done.

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Develop Yourself And All People In The Team

The business manager should always try to improve the quality of the work done by the entire team. This requires attention, commitment and planning. You need to identify the improvement areas, goals and strengths of all the employees. Establish a good individual plan that is not different than that of the department. Look for opportunities where your team members can contribute and learn. Always check performance and face the reports that appear. You need to know where the staff wants to go and help them to reach their goals so that you can get everyone motivated. This includes you!

Know Thy Limitations!

You surely do not have a very strong track record since you did not do the job long enough. A seasoned manager will not see you as an authority and the employees will want to roll you. This is all because of the newcomer status that you have. What you need to do is put yourself in a strong, winning position until capital is built. Just pick the fights that you can win. It will take time until you will be respected and that only happens through really hard work. Know your limitations and work hard to cross them.

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Always Prove Yourself – Be An Example For Your Team!

There are too many business managers out there that simply want the title and not necessarily the work that comes with it. You can have a perfect resume but that will not win you respect for a long period of time. Always know what the team does, the systems, responsibilities and schedules. No successful business manager hid in an office. Those that were successful were in the trenches with the rest of the team. They get their hands dirty. Show your team that you can step in and do the job that they do if that is necessary. Try to notch early victories in order to show this. Establish credibility as this is really important!

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Remember that your team will quickly adopt all your anxieties and attitudes. Recognize your image and see what you project. Always convey confidence and maintain composure. If you make a mistake, own up to it. That will drive the others to do exactly the same. If you establish rules, you have to be the first one that follows them. At the same time, you need to remain positive and approachable. The people in your team have to respect you.