Let’s Understand What Management Consulting Is And Why You May Need It!

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By Adrian Cruce

Management consulting can be defined as being a practice of helping companies to improve performance. It will mainly be focused on analyzing current organizational problems and aims to develop improvement plans. All organizations can benefit from management consulting because of various reasons from gaining external advice that is objective and access to the experience of a consultant.

A consulting firm is basically always aware of the best practices in the industry. this means that different situations and moves can be considered in order to be sure that a proper and objective advice is offered.

The consultants can offer advice about extra activities like:

  • change management assistance
  • process analysis
  • strategy development
  • operational improvement services
  • technology implementation
  • coaching skills

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Management Consulting Function

The theory behind management consulting is really long and it would take a long time to highlight everything. Consulting service functions are normally broken down into 8 task categories. The consultant will function as a bridge for knowledge and information, thus offering better economical results for clients based on the knowledge that is shared.

A really good management consultant will have a good hold of specialized skills when referring to tasks that involve internal coordination costs like organization-wide changes that may be needed or IT implementation.

Management Consulting Approach

There are various possible approaches that can be used when referring to consulting. We need to understand the fact that this is not an exact science and everything will be directly connected with the consultant and the experience that he/she has. With this in mind, it is really important that you only consider hiring those that have a huge experience.

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In most cases a consultant will take a facilitative approach. He/she will assume the role of an industry expert and will then look at the process so that a solution to increase facilitative results count.

A consultant firm will usually be organized in a matrix that is structured. One axis will describe a type of consulting like operations, executive leadership, technology and strategy. A secondary axis will stay focused on a specific industry. These axes unite in order to form a matrix so that a consultant will occupy different spots in it. As an example, we can have a consultant that is specialized in technology used in the oil industry.


Management consulting includes different specialties like human resource consulting, IT consulting and virtual management consulting. Different specializations overlap and are usually offered by different consultancy companies that are large. We also have boutique consultancies, which are smaller companies that only have some specializations.

Do You Need Management Consulting Services?

We can say that every single business owner out there will want to eventually hire a management consultant in order to increase the overall efficiency of the company. The time when you want to do this varies based on a subjective analysis but whenever you believe that the operations do not go as well as they should or the competition started to surpass you, the best thing you can do is seriously consider such a consultant. Just make sure that his specializations are suitable for your operation.