Should A Brand New Product Be Launched By Your Business?

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By Dzhingarov

Launching a brand new product line, a service or practically anything to add to what you now have is a really serious business decision. It can lead to growth and can improve everything or it can ruin what you now offer, causing a ripple effect that will affect the entire company.

One of the most important questions you have to ask yourself is the one in the title above. Are you truly ready to launch a new product line? Here are some extra questions to help you figure this out.

Do You Have Enough Time To Prepare The Launch?

Reporters are never going to write about you as soon as you want them to. A head start will be needed as you launch a product. In the event that you do not have a rolling launch set up, you are better off launching at a later point in time. The outreach activities should be started around 2 months before the launch date. News have to keep going and then move beyond that date.

Are There Influencers Ready To Help You Out?

The influencer is not necessarily what we tend to think. An influencer can be prospects, a friendly customer or bloggers that have a really high online presence. You want to encourage people to use the new product and to analyze it. Review articles that appear around the same time as the launch is always great. This means that you need to have a list of influencers that you are already talking with about the new product line.

Does Your Business Rely On A Huge Release Success?

Unless you are a giant in your industry, like Apple, IBM and Microsoft are in IT, you should never expect to have a release that is really successful. That is why the future of your company should never rely on the launch of the new product. The only situation in which the launch will be huge is when you come up with something that is revolutionary. If you do not have a launch that is truly massive (this is normally involving a large budget), just look at this launch as the official date when your new product becomes available for the public and not a moment in your company’s timeline that is vital.

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Do You Have A Plan For After The Release?

If you cannot keep the product release rolling you are not really ready for it in the first place. Reporters do not always have time to write articles so they need to be given reasons to write after that official product launch date. Fresh news will help. This includes announcements, details about people using products, stories from customers, the ROI that becomes available for buyers and so on.

Are Product Launch Elements Designed To Drive Business?

If you have something that will appeal to a large consumer audience everything is simple but if this is not the case you should not focus too much on just one thing or on social media in general, as many do at the moment. Social channels are to be used in order to get engagement that is truly meaningful. After the launch you want to be ready to find people that talk about your products and directly get in touch. These people will be really valuable for making the product more successful.


The most important thing to remember is that you have to develop a really good launch plan for your product and a promotion plan that you will use after the official release date. If you do not have something like this set up and if you do not plan properly, there is a pretty good possibility that your launch will not be as great as it could be.