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By Dzhingarov

Real estate market in India has seen ups and downs in the recent past. After a little slump in the overall economy lately, the market is propping back and how? Gathering its momentum back, the real estate market is poised for some real growth. And real estate companies in India are looking at a bright future before this year ends.

Though the property market saw a lull during the last few quarters of the year 2012, but the bad phase for the real estate market is definitely over. The property prices have reached a certain level below which they cannot come down and the realty investments made by the companies will ultimately bear fruits.

The real estate companies have had a heady decade and the last 15 years have seen major developments in the realty sector. Projected to be a US$55 billion industry; the real estate across the country is picking up the double digit growth figures like those prevailed before the market correction. Real estate companies too have grown multi fold and with time have doubled or tripled their annual growth rates.

The situation about Real estate companies in India

Changed scenario

The real estate sector in India remains majorly unorganised, though some policy changes are being implemented to organise and straight jacket the sector, but the industry majorly operates on speculation and the prices are inter connected to a lot of factors which make the property prices to go up or down. In such a scenario, the buyer only has the option of following the market trends and research well before buying a property. Real estate companies in India have now grown in MNCs and other global players too are investing in property in India. The market dynamics have changed altogether and even the buyer expects world class constructions from the builder.

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Modern Constructions

The new age property buyer expects a modular and luxurious life style. After getting an exposure of in international companies the young professional aims at living a lifestyle which matches global standards and is equivalent to their international peers. Also, perpetrating their aspirations are the increased pay packages that ensure that they are able to afford the high end properties supplied by the real estate companies.


Top Real Estate Companies

The well-known and reputed real estate players remain trusted by the buyers and are on the top of the ladder while choosing a property to live or invest in. The price of the constructions or projects by them go up immediately even before the actual launch happens. Because of their sheer brand name attached to the projects makes the realty prices for the same soar and promise guaranteed returns for the buyer, investor and end-user.

Some of the well-known real estate companies in India are: DLF Ltd, Omaxe ltd,Unitech, Supertech, Ansal Api, Parsvnath Developers Ltd, Godrej Properties Ltd, K Raheja Corp, Oberoi realty ltd, Kalpataru group, Ambuja Realty,  Merlin Group, PS Group, Hiland Group, Belani Group, Tata Housing Development Company, Lodha Developers, Akshaya private ltd, the 3C Company to name a few.


Future is Bright

The future looks bright for the real estate companies in India because it is a developing country and with major infrastructural developments changing the face of every nook and corner of the subcontinent. Transformations and face lifts are witnessed even in villages with good roads, street lights and development of other basic infrastructural facilities being provided by the local governments as the Central Government is majorly investing in Infrastructure in every annual budget.

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