Recommended Cheap Locations To Invest In Vacation Real Estate

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By Dzhingarov

When you want to invest in real estate you quickly learn that vacation real estate can be really lucrative. The only problem is that it normally costs a lot more than you would want to spend. That is because of the high popularity of such real estate. Thankfully, if you are willing to go overseas and look for real estate investments in other countries, there are some very cheap locations you can take full advantage of. Every single option presented below offers great real estate investment opportunities in vacation real estate.


Vietnam is a huge tourism hub at the moment. In the past it was hard for foreigners to buy property as you had to start a company in the country. Thankfully, the requirements were eliminated and almost every single person in the world can buy vacation real estate in Vietnam. You want to look for those that are close to resort towns since prices would normally be affordable while potential profits would be higher. In resort areas you can easily find wonderful condos and homes for just $25,000 to $50,000.


Cambodia vacation real estate is very cheap. Just think about the fact that a daily housekeeper just costs $120 per month. The luxury villa (4 bedrooms) with an extra pool costs just around $600 per month to rent out. These numbers are great for real estate investors, especially since everything is luxurious. Buying the vacation home costs around $20,000 for a great property and since maintenance is low, profits can be very high.

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Quito – Ecuador

All throughout Ecuador we have different vibrant towns that are popular travel destinations for US citizens. They are actually quite similar to USA cities so people love spending time there. Quito uses the USD as currency so it is not at all difficult to deal with business. The local government made this choice some time ago to deal with inflation rate. Buying a house is quite cheap, under $50,000. Maintenance is really cheap at the same time. You will surely enjoy real estate investments in this part of the country.


Mexico is highly popular for US citizens as a travel destination because of the low prices. So many opt for weekend trips as prices for accommodation are just around $700 per month for some luxurious accommodations. If you are an investor you will definitely love the vacation real estate prices. In many cases you make the money back really fast, which is definitely a huge priority for most people that want to do such business. Mexico is definitely an option you want to take into account.


Europeans and Americans expect specific amenities when they travel and Argentina is definitely offering exactly that. If you want to buy a vacation real estate property you normally have to pay an average cost of around $1,000 per square meter, which is a lot less than in the first destinations you take into account for investment purposes. Whether you want to buy property as an exotic vacation spot or you want to rent out for profit, Argentina is great for you.

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