Reducing Business Travel Overheads For Your Small Business

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By Krasimir Hristov

International business is nowadays a necessity and it is so common that businessmen need to travel. We can easily end up spending so much money on travel expenses and all will add up as time passes. Just think about how much is spent on hotel rooms and food while travelling.

The good news is that proper business planning can easily lead towards cutting down even travel overheads. This is not as difficult as you may think. We have some really simple recommendations that you want to take into account.

Use CityMapper

Car renting does look convenient but you do end up paying a lot extra on insurance, parking and the fees. The alternative would be to use public transportation but that is something that is a hassle in many situations. The solution comes from apps like CityMapper. You can easily use it to learn about public transportation and you will know exactly what you want to be on in order to get to a specific destination in the shortest period of time. Alternatively, you can use Google Maps or Apple Maps but CityMapper is a lot better.

Use GateGuru

GateGuru helps you a lot in dealing with the additional expenses that sometimes appear with airports because of missed flights or wrong gates. This app has information about around 200 airports from all around the world. Plan your flight and you will know everything that you have to do. You will not save much but many travel business expenses are going to appear. GateGuru even allows you to get rental car discounts if you want to.

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Saving Money With XE Currency

Many business travel overheads appear because of the differences in currency values. The solution comes through XE Currency, which offers exchange rate data and even historical charts. You know the rates so you will know exactly how much the credit card is going to be charged. Use all the data that is offered in order to make really smart decisions about what you should pay for and what you should not pay for.

Frequent Traveller Miles

It is surprising to notice the fact that there are various situations in which businessmen completely forget about frequent traveller miles. You can actually work with tour operators and even aircraft carriers in order to get traveller miles for your entire business. Take advantage of this and you will be able to save a lot of money on the long run. At first glance it will not seem as if the savings are high but once you do the math and you look at all travels, you will see the true potential of this option.

Do You Really Need To Travel?

One of the best possible ways to reduce business travel expenses is to have absolutely zero expenses. You can always look for alternatives. Nowadays, many business meetings are held online, through platforms like Skype. Obviously, this can save so much money. Think about whether or not you actually need to travel for business purposes. If not, you will want to seriously consider alternative options like these online meetings.