Portfolio Building For Company Branding Purposes

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By Dzhingarov

It is a certainty that you will eventually need to produce a really good portfolio in order to properly promote and expand your business. That portfolio can be only a list of the projects that were done in the past, some visual demonstrations put into an online manual or anything that would showcase the work that is to be done.

Creating work portfolio is necessary. It can help you to gain access to other networking options like through B2B portals and ultimately help you to get brand new clients. The confidence builder that appears is a booster that will have immediate impact on future endeavors.

The big problem is that many do not understand what options are available for them. You can so easily build portfolios in many different ways. We will mention some examples of portfolio building in order to aid you your company branding.

Testimonial Portfolio

One of the most interesting ways in which you can convince people that you offer value is to showcase some testimonials. You can easily collect written testimonials from anyone that you worked with in the past. This includes employees, clients and business partners. No matter what you may be tempted to think, it is never too late for this to be done. You will save time in the future and the testimonials can easily tout your results and skills.

Audio Portfolio

This is one portfolio building option that many do not consider but we have to understand that spoken word can be quite powerful. Do not discount this option. Audio portfolios are highly effective with the written testimonial. You can easily record many individuals that would offer such words. Recording is nowadays really easy with the advancements made in technology.

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Image Portfolio

When you have images that highlight your work, you gain access to a great option that can easily showcase the value that the company has for potential customers or business partners. This is especially the case when referring to firms that present works with strong visual impact like interior designers or web designers. It is not difficult to create such a portfolio. All that you really need is a camera. Setting up an image gallery on a website is simple.

Case Studies

This is basically when you take the problem (the case) that a client has and then present that problem together with a solution that you managed to provide. A case study is not really seen as a portfolio but it can clearly highlight the fact that you can be very good when hired or when business partnerships are signed. Every single client that is important for you and that you have can bring in the possibility of developing a useful case study you would use in the future for branding purposes.

Make sure that the portfolio you build showcases the business in a really proper way. Try to not focus on portfolio creation and just that. Allow only a part of the time to build is slowly and try to cover as many clients and examples as possible. Everyone wants to see this since it showcases experience.