How Can Co-Marketing Help A Small Business Grow?

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By Adrian Cruce

Specialists will tell you that co-marketing is useful for all businesses, no matter the size. However, when looking at so many small businesses, we can see co-marketing as a true necessity. This is because many of the small companies do not have large promotion budgets. Few of them have a dedicated marketing department. Even if they do, it is surely small. In most cases the person that handles marketing will have another job as the main one in the business.

We can see co-marketing as a simple process of working together with another business or even a group of businesses in order to draft and implement a marketing strategy or campaign that would promote all firms that are involved. Working together will help all the businesses to gain benefits but how does this actually help? Here are some options available right now.

Building An Organic Marketing Campaign

Small businesses have limited cash flows so they do not have marketing dollars available whenever needed. Working through co-marketing makes it easier, often building all in an organic manner. All marketing efforts will be more cost effective and efficient. The relationships that are created will offer high quality backlinks and increase credibility.

Co-marketing will basically double manpower. As an example, the small bridal boutique can offer local florist discounts when a dress is bought. As a return, florists boost bridal boutique by advertising the gowns with floral arrangements.


In case you do not know, edification is a process in which you positively and enthusiastically talk about something or someone. You then back up words with actions. Edification helps as networks are grown, building up mentors or co-workers. Obviously, a co-marketing relationship can also be built.

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Building up a person is normally what is done. As you do that when you work with that person, you increase authority for both you and the other person. Excitement and enthusiasm are created at the end of the day. These can be quite contagious.

Product Release Alliances

This is one of the most common co-marketing examples in the modern business world. Two smaller businesses can easily help themselves to spread the word about various product launches that appear. Business A promotes the launch of business B and business B promotes the launch of business A.

The co-marketing partners will not need to share exact same goals. What is really important is to pick appropriate partners in order to add value for the audience. Identifying proper relationships types is important as it solidifies brand alliances for current and future product releases. Messaging vortexes are created, leading to sales increases.


Co-marketing can be the true secret of success for so many small businesses out there. However, it can be quite daunting when you have no idea what you are doing. The start is normally reaching people in the network you have like clients, competitors, local merchants or vendors. Then, discussions and negotiations ensue. It is not that easy to build appropriately beneficial campaigns but through proper negotiations it is something that can increase business success and profits.