Blogger Outreach When Building A B2B Marketing Campaign

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By Dzhingarov

If you think blogger outreach or influencer marketing is just for B2C companies, think again! You can talk about how good, amazing or needed your product or service is as much as you want but it is a totally different story when influencers share their experience with your product or service. Building strong relationships with the bloggers in your industry is always something to consider when creating your marketing strategy.

Why Are Blogger Outreach Campaigns Important In B2B Marketing?

Having a person talk about your product or service is always a good thing. Consumers will be more willing to test something when someone else did it before them and shared valuable information about their experience. Consumers are more likely to believe a blogger than an ad that shows up in their social media feed or Google search even though you paid for said blogger to test your product or service.

How To Identify The Best Blogs For A Blogger Outreach Campaign In B2B?

If you know your audience very well, identifying the best blogs to promote your B2B is not a hard thing to do. Things can be a little bit complicated if you do not have information about your target audience and, in that case, we highly recommend starting with market research in order to understand your audience better. Once you know the characteristics of your audience, you can easily find blogs they enjoy reading. Make sure you also know what kind of posts they like and, the most important thing, what problem in their industry can be solved by your product or service.

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Blogger Outreach – When And Why?

You can engage with a blogger on numerous occasions however, be sure you have something to say when you reach out to them. Bloggers get tones of emails daily and if you start off on the wrong foot, they may ignore your emails in the future. So when is it the best time to contact a blogger and why?

When You Launch A New Service Or Product

Bloggers stay up to date with everything in their industry to be able to offer valuable information to their readers so when you have a new service or product, you can contact them before your release date and offer the product in advance or a trial of the service so they can test it first-hand. The feedback you will receive will also give you an idea about how the new product will be perceived when launched on the market. Make sure you take into consideration the blogger’s feedback and you improve the product or service if possible.

When You Want To Promote A Product Or Service

B2B marketers can contact bloggers to talk about a product that is already launched on the market. Whether you just offer a free trial or free products or you also pay for an article in addition to the free samples, make sure you allow the blogger freedom to present the product from their own perspective. After all, if you know your product is good, you have nothing to worry about. However, you can ask the blogger to send you feedback first and you should always keep the line of communication open. You never know when you can get valuable feedback that will make your product or service even better.

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When You Work On Brand Awareness

If brand awareness is what you are looking for, you can ask for more than a simple product review, especially if you already have an established relationship with a blogger. You can ask the blogger to let you write a guest post about a topic in your industry.  Make sure you don’t make the post about yourself or your company! A mention about your company in the bio of the article should be enough to make the readers interested if the article is well written.

When You Create Content For Your Brand

Lead generation is not new to B2B marketers, they use lead generation tactics to gain new leads for their B2B and if you don’t do it already, you should start doing it too. You can approach a blogger in your industry to talk about a topic in a webinar that you host. Make sure you have a landing page for people to register with their contact information.