How B2B Entrepreneurs Can Improve Their Networking Efforts

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By Dzhingarov

A truly great way to generate brand new business is to enter the target market through a business that already caters to that market. You do not poach clients from a business in the same industry. You basically strengthen a small business network in the market you operate in so that you can together offer more complete packages of products and services for clients. This is a win for all the parties involved.

B2B networking offers so many vital benefits for the entrepreneurs. This includes:

While this is something that every entrepreneur wants, it does not mean you can do anything. Also, many entrepreneurs have no real idea what to do. Because of this, here are some B2B networking tips you can use right now.

Talking With Business Owners Through Social Media

Social media makes it so easy for people to get in touch with other people. While the business has to use social media and update blogs, a fruitful relationship is not established with the content you do for your business. What should be done is to address the owners directly through social media in a one-on-one interaction.

Look at the targeted business owner social media profiles. Read his tweets and respond when you add quality to the discussion. See what his LinkedIn says and then tag in a meaningful Facebook post. What is important is to keep everything relevant, curious and upbeat. Applauding posts and asking questions are two common ways to get in touch and start developing a great relationship.

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Get In-Person Relations With Online Connections

When comparing virtual relationships with real life relationships it is quite obvious which one is more valuable for the entrepreneur. Social networking is a great place to lay down the foundation for the in-person connection. After establishing online rapport with business owners, ask for a meeting for coffee or talk at networking events. There are many LinkedIn and Facebook trade organization groups you can join to find people with which such a strategy can be used. Introduce yourself through the online world but develop strong relationships in the real world.

Highlight Expertise

The customer will want to partner with an expert. The business owner wants to be associated with the expert. Wallflowers do not make a good name for themselves. You want to assert the knowledge and expertise you have through blog posts and social media. Join conversations and seriously consider networking event participations.

Remember that expertise does not mean you know everything. It means that your professional knowledge and opinion can lead towards a great professional conversation leading to opportunities.

Try To Help

The B2B relationship is one that is long-term. The payoffs are great for those that are consistent and patient. Being a helper does establish trust and a desire to repay the help that was offered. Your online network can be cultivated in various ways with the purpose of building a strong B2B relationship. This includes:

  • Referring clients to another business
  • Answering questions
  • Sharing content of high value without asking for something in return
  • Help the business owners that look for support, information and resources
  • Have a serviceable and positive attitude
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There are many other tips that can be offered. As an entrepreneur you do have to adapt. Are there some tips that you would like to share. Just use the comment section for people to learn from you.