Typical Customer Profile Determination

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By Dzhingarov

Creating a typical customer profile is vital for the success of practically any business in the world. It helps to make sure that you offer exactly what potential customers need and has a direct impact on everything from product development to sales. All starts with creating the customer profile. This is what you have to understand so let us discuss different steps needed to create that customer persona.

Describe Customers

You need to think about ideal customers and see exactly what similarities exist between them. Example criteria that can easily be mentioned includes:

  • Behavior – This will include similar dislikes and likes.
  • Psychographics – Personality preferences, type and so on.
  • Demographics – This will include income, gender, age and so on.

If you are a B2B company you will also want to think about ideal business partner characteristics like number of employees, budget, business type, revenue, decision making and geographic scope.

You also want to find the places that are attractive for the customers since that is where you will most likely want to advertise in the future.

Learn About The Purchase Process

You will want to review benefits and needs, what makes the potential customer become an actual customer. Try to learn where the customer starts the research, what the need or problem is, what benefits appear when a solution is located and similar. For the B2B market you should know how companies look for referrals, if purchases are made on impulses and if approvals are required before purchases are made.

Try to get in touch with the customers you already have. They are going to offer a lot of insight into the reason why your business was selected. Informal and formal interviews can be conducted. Try to learn why the customer initially bought, why they are still buying and what they think is different with your business when compared with the others in the industry.

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Creating The Client Persona (Profile)

Do create a profile that will describe the current client’s specific segments. Make sure all these profiles are as tangible as possible. This aids to envision an individual and what drives the purchase decision. It is important to do this in writing and to create specific personas for all the identifiable groups of clients.

After you do all that is presented above you will basically know much more about what customers the business needs to target and what has to be avoided. You will create a working strategy that revolves around the ideal customers so that resources and time would not be wasted on marketing efforts that can only be unsuccessful. Through consistent marketing communication and a real focus it is so much easier to reach brand new customers. The business can go to the level that you want it to reach in a shorter time frame.

Remember that in many cases the buyer personas that are created by businesses are really shallow. Do not make this mistake! Simply try to learn all that you can about those groups of customers so that you can offer exactly what they want or need.