The Best Franchises in Germany

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By Dzhingarov

Germany presents numerous opportunities for business owners interested in franchising. As one of Europe’s largest franchise markets, Germany boasts many well-established brands that present an ideal setting to expand your franchise business.

There are renowned international franchise brands like McDonald’s and REMAX; as well as several domestic franchise concepts that have proven themselves successful here.

Dickey’s Barbeque Pit

Dickey Family Barbecue has been delighting their fans for three generations now. Since their inaugural stand opened its doors back in 1941, over 500 restaurants worldwide now provide delicious Dickey-brand barbecue with no shortcuts taken when serving their signature meats and side dishes.

Dickey’s Capital Group owns other restaurant chains and operates over 483 locations nationwide as a subsidiary.

Travis Dickey founded this family-owned chain restaurant in 1941. Over time, they have provided millions of customers with delicious smoked brisket as well as beef pit hams, burgers, chicken dishes and other barbecue specialties.

Dickey’s is famous for their tradition of smoking their meats on-site at each location – an approach which has kept them at the top for decades. Their slow-cooked, low temperature technique ensures their customers enjoy deliciously smoky tasting food!

Dickey’s offers classic menu items as well as seasonal specialties like Spicy Cheddar Sausage to keep their menu interesting while maintaining their reputation for slow-cooked barbecue excellence.

Other than their signature smoked meats, they also offer classic southern fare like fried catfish, ribs, chicken and turkey dishes as well as homestyle sides like jalapeno beans. Plus they regularly provide free buttery rolls and ice cream!

Dickey’s is known for providing quality service in an engaging environment, while its franchisees are supported by a team of specialists to expand and manage their businesses efficiently.

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At Dickey Family BBQ, they have always believed there’s no short cut to legit Texas barbecue, which is why all their meat is still smoked on site at each location. Their philosophy has allowed them to become one of the largest barbecue brands worldwide.

Dickey’s is a top franchise known for their delicious barbecue and fast service, boasting an extensive menu with popular items like their grilled-to-order sandwiches. Recently, they joined forces with Grubhub to offer lunch and dinner delivery service across their locations; using its search bar feature on its app you can find your nearest Dickey’s restaurant and order food!

Home-Based Bakery or Personal Chef

Bakery franchises provide potential business owners with access to established products and brand recognition. This makes the transition into owning their own small business easier while potentially yielding better financial returns; however it’s essential that prospective business owners carefully weigh all aspects of owning such an operation before making any definitive decisions.

Franchising has quickly become one of the world’s most beloved business models, offering numerous advantages. Not only can franchisors provide access to an existing product range and offer marketing support and operational guidance; purchasing a franchise also opens doors for greater success and can provide access to established product lines with proven success stories.

As part of your franchise decision-making process, it is crucial that you consider both your budget and personal preferences when selecting an opportunity. Be sure to inquire into how much it will cost to get up and running as well as any ongoing fees you will need to pay.

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Home-based foodservice businesses are an increasingly popular option among German entrepreneurs, and can be very successful if the necessary time and effort are put forth – such as creating a website, researching local sanitary laws and scheduling inspections with health authorities.

If you’re thinking of opening a bakery, it is essential that you understand what legal and sanitary standards apply in your country to this industry. Doing so will allow you to ensure your bakery operates within its legal parameters while limiting potential liabilities that could arise from doing business there.

After making sure that your bakery complies with all regulations, the next step should be creating a marketing strategy to reach new customers. This may involve developing a website or marketing within your local community as well as scheduling deliveries through services like DoorDash.

Home baking is an expanding industry that attracts many entrepreneurs, as it allows people to sell homemade goods without incurring costs associated with commercial kitchens and potential liabilities.

E-commerce can also be an excellent way to earn additional cash and save for their future. Selling goods on Amazon Marketplace could prove extremely profitable as well.


Babysitting is a career many individuals pursue because they enjoy working with children. While it does require patience and nerves of steel, babysitting can be immensely satisfying when done successfully.

The best babysitters have an ability to create relationships between children and parents, providing parents with peace of mind while their child is under their care.

Babysitters need not only interpersonal skills, but should also possess emotional management abilities in order to effectively respond to situations as they arise in their job. For instance, they must be able to deal with angry and distressed parents while keeping their own emotions under control.

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Babysitters need the ability to collaborate effectively as part of a team in order to effectively work with multiple children at once and may need to communicate with colleagues regarding their duties.

Babies tend to be extremely fragile and must be handled with great care and consideration. Therefore, babysitters must have extensive knowledge regarding the needs and safety concerns of young children under their care.

Although not the traditional career choice, freelance writing provides an excellent option for individuals with flexible working hours and strong motivation to acquire soft skills (e.g. communication and interpersonal abilities, adaptability, sense of responsibility) which can easily transfer over to other professions or jobs.

As more women work outside the home and more families seek high-quality childcare solutions, babysitting demand will only continue to increase. Furthermore, as internet usage becomes more ubiquitous among parents, more will rely on it as an avenue for finding suitable babysitters.

Germany is experiencing an unparalleled boom in franchise growth, and this trend looks likely to continue for some time. Boasting around three-quarters of its workforce with vocational or degree training or qualifications makes Germany an ideal location for franchising. Franchisees and franchisors alike can hire highly-qualified employees with ease while operating a profitable business.