Virtual Business Event Ideas For Team Building

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By Dzhingarov

Virtual events are an effective way of team building for remote employees, providing them with an opportunity to meet one another and form bonds with coworkers. And there are several virtual business event ideas for team building available.

Engaging attendees during virtual events is key. Zoom fatigue is real, so having entertainment options such as Scavenger Hunts is important for business events. Here are a few other virtual event ideas for your consideration: 1.

1. Scavenger Hunt

Scavenger hunts make for an excellent virtual business event idea as they enable team members to bond over fun tasks and challenges together, reduce workplace stress, boost employee morale, and promote employee wellbeing – making this activity particularly suitable for new teams or employees who may not yet be acquainted. This activity also makes an excellent introduction for employees unfamiliar with each other!

Make your scavenger hunt even more thrilling by adding video clues. Have your team take a group photo with a sign reading “Safe Social Distancing: 6 Feet”, or record video footage of themselves doing popular TikTok dance moves as a group. Reward winning teams with gifts like gift cards or unique experience experiences as prizes for being first-place winners!

Billetto can help make the most out of any scavenger hunt by managing attendance and scores efficiently. In addition, polls can provide feedback, time limits can intensify pressure and attendees can submit photos with one-word participant submissions for bonus points – making for a successful event overall!

2. Murder Mystery

Online murder mystery team building can be an engaging activity to improve remote teams’ collaboration and problem-solving abilities while building trust within them. Players take on roles from the story’s theme while working as one unit to solve the crime; collaboratively ruling out suspects to find the killer is often part of this activity, though you could host your own event too! Team building services or DIY events are great resources for organizing such an activity!

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Dependent on your budget, you can select an off-the-shelf murder mystery kit or customize one specifically to the needs of your organization. Some kits already contain prewritten characters for murderers and other characters to minimize preparation time; additionally, some include facilitator guides with party tips to make running your event even simpler!

Wild Goose and Watson Adventures provide professional virtual murder mystery dinner services, including customized Zoom rooms, character content, actors, and actors who create a truly engaging experience for remote teams. Events of this nature typically last at least two hours and may require special menu items such as finger foods or grazing platters to ensure optimal participation.

3. Brain Teaser

Brain teasers and riddles are engaging team-building activities that can inspire creativity, foster communication, and sharpen critical thinking skills. By adding this fun activity to your next virtual meeting, it can make the experience more interesting, productive, and memorable for all participants involved.

Gomada’s library of Brain Games provides one of the finest free brain teasers online, offering participants visual puzzles designed to test their attention to detail and challenge participants minds. One such visual puzzle was Roger Price’s “Droodles,” cartoony line drawings with abstract images which required participants to decipher his intentionally absurd and often humorous meanings hidden underneath each drawing.

Another invaluable online resource is the online encyclopedia of brain teasers. This wiki features answers and explanations to every popular brain teaser (such as why two fathers and their sons each bought only one hammer from a garage sale). Furthermore, this resource also features strategies for solving brain teasers yourself to become better at doing it yourself.

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4. Guessing Game

Guessing Games can be an engaging virtual event idea for your employees, helping them develop fast thinking, observation skills, and communication. Plus, teammates get acquainted more closely and form bonds over shared interests!

One enjoyable team-building exercise is playing Name the Song. A leader will select a song and team members will race to identify its title by shouting out loud a shout-out in response. Not only is this activity enjoyable and competitive fun for everyone involved, but also helps colleagues understand each other’s musical preferences better.

Word Blurt, a quick word association game, allows participants to quickly match images or words with what comes to mind and blurt out whatever comes first – the first person who completes four rows wins!

Other fun guessing games include Never Have I Ever and Guess Who, similar to charades but encouraging teammates or employees to perform impressions of others and famous people; the employee who correctly guesses the highest number of people wins. Riddles also provide an engaging challenge that encourages observational skills as well as reasoning abilities in employees.

5. Storytelling

Virtual conferences require attendees to rely on alternative means of engagement to stay interested. Networking at happy hours or attending one-on-one appointments are more likely than onsite engagement being enough to keep them involved in the discussion.

But that doesn’t mean your creativity needs to take a backseat when it comes to finding ways for virtual attendees to have fun and build relationships. From virtual scavenger hunts to team-building games like Pictionary-style team building games, there are countless fun ideas you can execute online.

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An effective way to increase virtual event engagement is through storytelling. Storytelling allows attendees to make sense of complex products or developments that may be difficult for people outside their field to comprehend while helping your target audience connect the brand with ideas or feelings they find relatable – for instance, if hosting an event related to custom glass products you could tell stories that show the impact they had on customers, which will build loyal buyers that keep purchasing your goods or services over time.