Effective Ways To Save Money As A Small Business Manager

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By Dzhingarov

We are not faced with a great climate when referring to small businesses at the moment. The taxes are high, regulations are tighter, venture capital is less accessible and the consumers also have less available spending money. That makes everything tough. As a small business manager, mastering different ways to save money becomes a necessity.


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Take into account every single aspect that is mentioned below. You will be able to save money and increase your profits when you do so.

  1. Barters For Services

The small business can exchange the skills that it has in order to receive other services. If the deal is well negotiated, this will help a lot in saving money. Try to advertise the services that you offer inside the community in which you operate. Locate people that may need your services but cannot pay your fees. See if they can offer something of value in return and you will be able to arrange a barter.

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  1. Customer Service Improvements

This is definitely not something that is obvious. You can end up reducing costs by simply improving the customer service that you offer. That is due to the fact that product returns will go down and you will be faced with a lower number of dissatisfied clients. When your customer support team is top notch, you will see the revenues grow. You do not save a lot of money but you do get to generate more sales. Such an approach has clear benefits on the long run.

  1. Look At Your Vendor Contracts
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Most small business managers are focused on bringing in new business and they forget about the fact that the services they already use may be overpriced now. Take a look at everything from cleaning costs to ISP. One thing that you have to remember is that most of the contracts are negotiable or become negotiable after some time.

A really good business practice is to offer extended terms on vendor contracts in exchange for lower rates. However, in order to do this, you need to be aware of all the other service providers that are available. When you manage to highlight that another company would be cheaper, the one that you work with will agree to lower costs, thus allowing you to save money.

  1. Split Marketing Costs Through Partnerships

While most business managers only think about their company, you should be smart and try to find other service providers that would complement what you promote. For instance, let us say that you offer SEO services. Find a firm that offers PPC marketing services. Partner up and split marketing costs. That basically allows you to be able to afford advertising spots that are highly expensive.

  1. Use Free Software

This is something that few businessmen consider since there is this belief that paid software is always better. While that is sometimes the case, we have to understand that there are ways to save money that involve using free software products. You can find various discounts on the internet for paid products and if you cannot find something like this, think about other products that might get the job done for you. You can save so much money when you use free software but you have to be sure that the free options that are considered are suitable.

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In addition, as an extra tip, make sure that you never buy software before you try it. All paid products have evaluation or trial versions. Take advantage of this possibility and you will surely love the amounts that you are about to save.