How To Build A Team Of Professionals For Your Business With Low Resources

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By Adrian Cruce

Being a business owner is frustrating and requires so much knowledge. You often find yourself having to do different jobs and it is impossible to be a true expert at all the jobs needed. That is why it is so important that you build a team of professionals for your business. The problem is that resources are normally low, especially when the company is small and you first open it. Most startups fail even if they have the best ideas to start off. Being serious protects you from that.

You will have to start working on building that team of professionals as soon as possible when a business is launched. The sooner you get your team, the sooner great work can be done!

Everything basically starts with what you absolutely need. Before you will think about hiring people that will actually work for the firm in order to create a product or offer a service, remember that you will need:

  • An Attorney – Always look for an attorney that has industry specific experience and that has a spotless reputation. This business professional will defend the company and you from a potential lawsuit, will aid with all succession planning and will review contracts, among many others.
  • An Accountant – Most of us use the accountant just during the tax season. As a business owner you will actually have a relationship with that professional, one that will lead towards saving money. The accountant is very important and has to be honest, experienced.
  • An Insurance Agent – The professional insurance agent helps the business owner to deal with various critical aspects. Key employee losses are overcome, executive benefit packages are enhanced and the business interests are covered by the policies that the specialist helps you to get.
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We should add that it is important to be sure that your company is properly taken care of in the event that you are ill so be sure that you train or that you hire someone that would be able to manage everything while you are not available. This is one aspect of running a new company that many tend to forget.

Building The Perfect Team Of Professionals

The biggest problem is normally the fact that there are low resources available. We all know and understand why the best professionals ask for a lot of money. However, there are some that are cheaper to get and that are at least equally good. They were just not discovered so far. As you are surely focused on low cost ideas, let’s take the same mindset and think how you can get some pretty good workers with low resources.

Looking On Social Networks

Basically every single professional worth hiring has at least one social media profile. Social networks are important for us at a personal level but business managers can also use this resource to look for the best professionals to add to their teams.

Besides the common LinkedIn option, one that quickly connects you with thousands of perfectly narrowed down professionals, if you take some time to get familiar with Twitter and Facebook, you will find interesting opportunities. Also, there are some social networks that are designed for specific niches. You can consider those as they are perfectly targeted.

Looking On Specialized Workforce Websites

There are currently dozens of websites that feature systems aimed for professionals to share ideas or to offer their services in specific niches. At the same time, we have sites that are specialized in offering services directly from professionals.

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Make a list of the specialized workforce websites that feature the type of professionals that you need to hire. Then, narrow down your search and get in contact with them. Basically the only resource you would spend to use this option would be time as the sites are normally allowing clients to browse profiles for free.

As an extra tip on this category, you can also consider specialized forums. In this case the members that are knowledgeable and highly active can easily be identified and then considered for hiring in the future.

Looking On Blogs

Blogs are very popular at the moment and many professionals actually have their own blogs. You can look for them in order to identify some people that are not necessarily interested in working for a company. As an example, they may be working from home.

Many business owners do not think about this option since it is basically not known. When you use the opportunity, you can identify various interesting professionals that can be really good and that may be convinced to work for you after a negotiation.

A huge advantage of looking for a professional by looking at his blog is the fact that you can get an idea of the personality of the individual and the work ethic he has even before you invite him for an interview. This is something that is definitely important as your team of professionals has to be able to work well together.


On the whole, building a team of professionals for your business in the event that you have low resources is all about conducting a smart resource, one that takes advantage of innovative channels. When you look for the professionals on freelancing sites or through the regular approach you can expect to find those that will charge more. When you use the internet there is a much higher possibility that you can establish a relationship with the individuals even before you approach them with hiring purposes.

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The only problem is that your low resources automatically mean that you will not be able to pay a high salary. Because of this, you want to be sure that you understand what the people want and what they are interested in. There are various situations in which professionals agree to working for a lower salary in the event that they trust the owner, appreciate the work that is done or will be offered other perks like working in an environment that they enjoy. Every little bit counts in business when recruiting.